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independent information on the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Process, and related subjects. We primarily cover AD as used for domestic, commercial and industrial waste processing, plus news and resources.

We also have a section on Anaerobic Digestion in Agriculture, and digestate marketing and benefits information.

“We think that Anaerobic Digestion has a great future amongst the biological technologies which will become the tools for sustainable waste management throughout the 21st Century, working with nature to maintain the natural carbon cycle to the benefit of man.”

Our mission on this web site is first and foremost to provide our visitors with the AD information they seek, assuming that these will range from those without previous knowledge, to informed student researchers, and also will include knowledgeable professionals seeking detailed technical information.


Those new to AD might wish to start by reading our Introduction to AD section.

Existing suppliers might wish to see our technology provider table here.

We also, in particular, seek to help in the resolution of real-life feasibility questions, for new site specific applications of this technology. This may be as part of your sustainable waste management planning. Or maybe, on your farm. We have published an eBook on the subject of Anaerobic Digestion Plant Feasibility Studies here which is available for immediate downloading.

Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste

Watch this video showing one of the newest AD Plants in the UK, and get a feel for one concept of modern AD technology development.


Home Biogas Digesters for Cooking

Anaerobic digestion works at all scales. You can create your own biogas at home and cook with it. That way you’ll be using the energy from your food waste yourself:

For more information about
Home Biogas Systems - Click Here.

Why not email us and tell us about your AD Project at , and if we think that the information is of interest to our subscribers we will post your news to them, and your item will also appear on our AD blog. With the rising number of our subscribers this is becoming very useful publicity.

We are a recognised independent web community resource in AD. Please contribute and help us to make this web site better.

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Definition of AD:

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a process whereby organic waste is broken down in a controlled, oxygen free environment by bacteria naturally occurring in the waste material. Methane rich biogas is produced thus facilitating renewable energy generation. As a result, materials that are currently going to landfill can be utilised; natural methane emissions are reduced and conventional generation with its associated carbon emissions is displaced. The residual nutrient rich liquor and digestate is suitable for use as fertiliser on the farmland surrounding such a plant, reducing the need for artificial fertiliser.

Anaerobic Digestion is a form of composting. Generally, the term composting is used to refer to aerobic composting. Find out more about composting at our associated commercial composting web site.

(Anaerobic Digestors are also called bioreactors, or biomethanation plants.)

Anaerobic Digestion Contractors

There are a lot of people interested in finding expert biogas plant contractors to Engineer, Procure, Construct, and very often also, commission, their AD plant for them. In the construction industry these are called EPC Contractors and they are also called “Turnkey” Contractors.

There are many such contractors, and the list is growing fast! We know that our visitors often want to know who these people are, and to read more about each company. To satisfy that demand we have created a new section of this website which currently is aimed at European contractors, and we have reviewed and scored each contractor against a set of criteria to help our readers select a contractor.

If you would like to see these reviews visit or Anaerobic Digestion EPC Contractor Review section here.

Friesland Biogas Plant CiTEC


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We are UK based but with worldwide interests as champions of AD technology.

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WebMaster, Steve Last reports:

“Until about 2004 Anaerobic Digestion was considered by most in the UK to be little more than an interesting sideline to sewage treatment and of only academic interest to the waste & agricultural industries. “

“This changed rapidly during 2006/7 and interest continues to accelerate. We now receive many enquiries daily, and have several active projects in this area. We expect that many more will follow.”

Want to find out about AD Technology Suppliers? Try our MSW AD PLant suppliers page here.


Daily Telegraph heading
Sheep and cows bred to be less "windy" could have a crucial part in fighting global warming, according to Sir John Houghton, a climate change expert. Flatulent livestock reportedly contribute up to 30% warming”.


Brett Spiller:
This layout of the website is intuitive and therefore easy to navigate. I have found both the depth and breadth of information available very useful.

D.K: It is a very informative site, gave brief information of the technology, particularly plug flow system/UASB, I forsee, that agri farm can be exporters of energy beside their produce, two in one, more cash flow, while keeping the environment protected. India.

Damian D: Excellent website for information on biogas process and outline descriptions. Many thanks. Damian, Ireland.

RV: Good site for general information, good and easy to use layout! Beds, UK

TB: Why don't you have anything on the anoxic gas flotation process? AGF? US (Washington State University) - Sorry. No knowledge of this. Give us a link, and we’ll publish -Ed.

KT: Great site, well done, however you are not looking at small scale co-operated systems like the Portagester which is an interesting little plant. However, as I have already said, lots of good info for anyone looking at Anaerobic Digestion to perform a number of services. I have also studied AD as an alternative decentralised sewage system and it is very interesting.  Unknown location. Good point! See the Portagester process page added in 2007.

J. O’M: Great Site - Very useful information for novice and professional: Ireland

David D: A good site for an interesting subject. Some of the links could be made easier. Regards. United Kingdom

Martino V: A very interesting and useful site. Italy

'Witchaya K: I’m come from Thailand and finding the information about anaerobic digestion in the rural village. I'm studying in master degree and making the project about the anaerobic digestion. Thank you. Thailand

Renee K-B: I am new to this topic in particular but found the site address encouraging and have signed up for the newsletter. US

Nick L: Great website so much useful information, am very much interested in AD with the possible applications and implications. United Kingdom

KSVN: The site appears to be interesting. I am yet to browse thro the site. India

A.G: Biogas production from any viable source is an obvious path in a petro energy stressed economy. My field of interest is on-site wastewater treatment, given GHG concerns carbon sequestering and energy production potential is subject to scrutiny right now. Comment: Relevent, well presented and thus good. US

The above is just a sample of the many comments received.



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